Far west Popular Culture Association

28th annual meeting, february 26-28, 2016


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Submission Guidelines


•We prefer articles no longer than twenty-five (25) pages including notes and citations. Although we make rare exceptions, we favor shorter articles.


•Documentation may be in the form appropriate to the discipline of the author. Otherwise, MLA format is preferred. Quotes and paraphrased passages must be followed by their citations within the text. In accordance with copyright laws, we request that quotations not exceed one-hundred (100) words in length.


•The author is responsible for obtaining permissions for illustrations, song lyrics, advertisements, etc., which are to be published with the article


•We have moved almost completely to electronic transmission. Please send your article blind as an attachment to felicia.campbell@unlv.edu along with a separate attachment including your name, the article title etc.


 •If your article is accepted we will, request that you send a 50 word bio along with the final draft to felicia.campbell@unlv.edu


 •Authors must be members at time of publication. (Persons who have registered for our conference are automatically members for the year of attendance. Those who have been members for at least two years are exempt.)